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Ode to Snow

robinson woods

With the spring equinox around the corner, I wanted to pay tribute to the white winter we’ve been having before the last vestiges of snow leave us. It seems like most people here in Maine either love the snow or hate it. I’m one of those who jumps for joy. Sometimes literally! It’s beautiful for photography, and it allows me to have outdoor winter adventures in remote places. A few snowfalls we had this winter really transformed the landscape. On a couple of occasions the trees looked like they had been assaulted by an overzealous cake decorator. On these mornings, I made it a point to go for walks on wooded trails not far from our house. It was hard not to wander around with mouth agape in awe. And then there were the 31 inches (yes, THIRTY ONE) that fell over the course of two days in early February. That may have been the one time I said “enough already!” Winter adventure highlights included a ski trip with friends into the 100-Mile Wilderness and the awesome Little Lyford Pond Camps, snowshoe hikes up two peaks in the White Mountains, and numerous nordic ski outings in Maine and New Hampshire. Here are a selection of some of the sights I saw in my various travels. And with that, I may almost be ready to bid this most peaceful of seasons good-bye. Almost.

pond cove

great pond

cliff house beach

blueberry mountain view

blueberry mountain view 2

view from mount meader

100-mile wilderness