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Radicchio Revelation


These breathtakingly beautiful treviso radicchio were on offer from Fishbowl Farm at the Portland Farmers’ Market last week. As gorgeous as they were, I was having a hard time getting an image I loved of them. I had two perfect cabernet-colored heads lined with sensational lime green veins and yet I just couldn’t quite get a photo that did them justice. I finally surrendered and sliced them open for the grill. Salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil and they were ready to go. I placed them in a pan and headed out to the grill staring at their beautiful innards, and suddenly realized THIS was the photo. The worn pan, the way I had put them in it, the interior colors, everything was just right. So dinner was delayed another few minutes while I took this shot. It was a good reminder that sometimes you can’t force a photo, that the stars might align when you’re simply going about your business. The trick is to always be aware so that you don’t miss that golden opportunity!