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Pinhole Plug

morsemttreepinholeFor those of you who missed the opening at the University of New England Gallery of Art last night, well, you really missed out! It was a great turn out and the collection of images is superb. Hats off to Steve Halpert for curating a great show. There is still plenty of time to see the show, however. It is up until June 7th. My six pinhole images are in the exhibit and in case you haven’t already heard, they are now officially represented by VoxPhotographs. This is a very exciting development as I’m thrilled to have Heather Frederick’s considerable enthusiasm and stamina behind the effort to get these images into the public eye. If you’re interested in purchasing any (hint, hint), check them out at UNE and/or contact Heather directly.

I’m currently scanning loads of color film images from my California trip and hope to post my favorites in the next few days. Check back in soon!