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Taking Stock

I usually wait until I’m sure the last of the warmish days are gone to really embrace fall produce. It’s not that I don’t love apples, squash, parsnips, beets and other rooty things that store well, but I know I’ll burn out on them come February! I’ve done a good job of putting them off this year as it’s been quite warm and veggies like fennel, cauliflower, broccoli and collard greens are still relatively plentiful at the farmers’ markets. Despite the unseasonal warmth, I recently gave in and started cooking with the late fall goodies. Here are some photos of them in all their glory and some of the treats they get turned into.

I’ll also take this opportunity to announce that a selection of my stock food images, including this brussel sprouts image and the pie image below, are now available for licensing via StockFood. You can find my portfolio, which includes many images of food and dishes from my own garden and kitchen, here. Images will be added regularly. Come on, I know you’re in desperate need of a high-resolution photo of black radishes for your company’s annual report! Seriously though, knowing that someone somewhere may be able to make use of my food photos has been further incentive to keep making compelling images of the incredible local food we have available to us. I mean, really, how can you resist all this beauty? Buy local. Eat local.

Fall Feasting

With the arrival of colder weather and shorter days, cooking and baking is more appealing than ever. Maybe it’s the instinct to stockpile before going into hibernation, or finding something comforting to do indoors or maybe it’s the slight slowing down of life that allows for a little more personal indulgence. Whatever the reason, preparing hearty meals with seasonal foods is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. Above is an apple cake I made last weekend, loosely based on this recipe.

Here are some root vegetables—purchased at one of the last outdoor farmers’ markets of the season—that were begging to be photographed in all their gorgeous, gnarled glory. This week they will be made into soups, mashes and salads. Thank you Fishbowl Farm and Green Spark Farm for this lovely assortment of fall veggies. In this season of thanks, I am particularly thankful to live in a place where we now have year-round access to locally grown and raised food. In addition to the Portland Winter Farmers’ Market, a collection of local farms will be organizing weekly pick ups of winter offerings as long as supplies last. It’s always such a let down to have to go back to buying vegetables at the supermarket come winter, so being able to buy all but a few select veggies from local providers is a relief. A big thank you to all the farmers who work so hard to bring us healthy, fresh food year round. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!