Spice it Up

Raj, the unassuming king of Tulsi.

In the Winter/Spring issue of Taste of the Seacoast, my photos accompany an article by Kathy Gunst about the fantastic Indian restaurant, Tulsi, in Kittery. If you’re tired of every Indian restaurant you go to having basically the same standard offerings prepared in the same old way, get thee to this gem. The exceedingly humble and gracious chef, Raj, will knock your socks off with delectables like Shrimp Balchow (sautéed shrimp in a tangy, spicy Goan sauce served with crispy naan) and Navratan Korma (nine different vegetables in a light curry-cashew-saffron cream sauce). If you’re in the Portland area, it’s well worth the hour drive, trust me! Here are a few more images from the shoot to further entice you.

Some Tulsi kitchen staples: pomegranates and saffron.

Samuel is in charge of making all the amazing breads—from garlic naan to mint paratha—that come out of the Tulsi kitchen.

Can't you just taste that curry saffron cream sauce?



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