More Pretty Food

husk cherries 1

Even in this year of torrents, blight, pests and pestilence, the farmers’ markets are currently replete with late summer and early fall delectables. I think I saw husk cherries for the first time last year at the Thirty Acre Farm stand. This year others have them as well.

husk cherries 2

Randomly, we discovered one husk cherry plant growing in our garden recently. No idea where it came from other than possibly a stray seed that took root in the compost. What a nice surprise when we discovered what it was though! Husk cherries (also called ground cherries) are in the same family as tomatillos and Chinese lanterns. In fact, when I first saw the plant in our garden, I thought it was a Chinese lantern. But inside the green husks, which eventually turn papery and golden, are firm, marble-sized, yellow globes that are both tart and fruity. People often describe them as having a pineapple flavor. To eat them you just squeeze the stem end of the husk and pop out the fruit. I’ve only put them directly into my mouth as a refreshing treat, but apparently they are very good in salads and dipped in chocolate as well! There’s a good description of them here.

husk cherries 3

I’m experimenting with a new camera so did variations ad nauseam with these lovely things. Let me know which one you like the best!

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