“There is No Bad Weather…”

seasmokeftwilliams5So here’s what minus 11 looked like this morning in Cape Elizabeth for those of you who stayed inside next to the woodstove, or who are in warm, sunny places (bunch of wimps, all of you!). Call me crazy, but I do get a little excited about subzero days. This is mostly, ok, ONLY because of the appearance of seasmoke. When the water temperature is drastically warmer than the air, misty white apparitions appear on the sea. On a morning like today when it’s -11 degrees, there are a lot of ghost-like wisps dancing around. Most sane people stay indoors on days like this, but as


my friend Kelly at Nomads likes to say, “There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” I like that saying because it’s true that if you are prepared (and Nomads is a great place to get prepared!), it really is possible to be outdoors in extreme conditions and be comfortable….or at least not completely miserable. I was probably out for a total of 10 or 15 minutes this morning and with multiple woolen and polypropylene layers managed not to suffer too greatly. What’s the big deal about a few missing fingers? I’ll just have to perfect my pressing shutter with nose technique.

1 thought on ““There is No Bad Weather…”

  1. Julie

    I don’t mind the cold too much either. Keeps out the riff raff. I do worry about Zuzu’s nose freezing off. My biggest issue is that it sometimes feels like the inside of my throat and lungs are freezing. Does Nomads sell a fleece lung cozy?


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