Recognize that English Muffin?

Today I had to do a shoot at a restaurant in Portland. I was initially nervous because it’s been quite a while since I’ve shot inside a restaurant. I used to do it regularly in D.C., but that’s a much more anonymous city and people are used to having their space intruded upon. As usual, however, my worries were unfounded. The staff and management made me feel right at home, loaded me up with yummy food and coffee and I was quickly immersed in my job without becoming overly worried about whether people would be bothered by my presence. I find if you walk around like you know what you’re doing, people forget you’re there after a while. I like it when I just blend in. Better photos can be made that way. So here’s one of my faves from today.


I won’t tell you what restaurant it is, nor who for so as not to spoil the surprise when the issue comes out in March, but go ahead and guess if you like. Hint: They serve brunch. In fact, how about this? The first person who guesses correctly which Portland restaurant this is gets a free Savoring Maine calendar! (Somebody please guess because it will look really lame if I don’t get any comments on this posting.) And you can’t be someone from the restaurant or someone who knows where I was shooting today!

9 thoughts on “Recognize that English Muffin?

  1. Susannah Green

    Oh crud. That’s what happens when I take a half-hour break to get my kids dressed to go outside! Congrats, Priya!

    1. scramp Post author

      Yay, you commented! Thank you! But no, I’m sorry you did not win. In fact, you are a cheater. But nonetheless I’m glad you commented so as to make it look like lots of people are reading my new blog! Maybe you can get Daniel to leave a comment too.


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