Be Prepared

One of the great things about being self-employed is setting your own schedule. Knowing I had two shoots this weekend, I decided it would be acceptable if I cut out early today and take the increasingly bored dog down to the beach for a late afternoon romp. And I brought a camera. I don’t do this often enough. I’m at this beach, which is an 8-minute walk from our house, a few times a week and it’s hard not to take it for granted after a while. But it’s really a spectacular place to have in our backyard, and today was beyond spectacular! It started out with these ominous clouds and this amazing pink glow coming up from behind Cushing Island.


Then there were some flurries of very large snowflakes. THEN this crazy pink vortex thing formed over near Peaks Island.


This caused me to say out loud, “Jesus!” That doesn’t happen very often when I have my camera in hand, but when it does I’m very glad because it means something really mind-blowing is happening with Mother Nature and I actually have the tools to capture it. Too often I’m staring out the window thinking “I should be out shooting” and by the time I get out there the incredible rainbow/sunset/what have you has disappeared. I was very pleased I was prepared for a change so I could share this with you all. Isn’t it cool? If there are reports of a spaceship landing on Peaks Island in a pink tornado-like cloud today, I would not be in the least surprised.

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